Photo essay "Nobody home" (Не все дома)

As we go our separate ways, each to their home; a big apartment, a little studio, a room… some are even lucky to have a roof above them…

Some people have notes coming out of the building walls and some are lucky enough to have a few coins in their bag…

Some, have to search in dark places to survive…

Some would prefer to keep away and stay quite, some would reflect…

Will we prefer to be hidden in the dark or walk into the light and give each other a hand and unite?

© yurirasin All rights reserved

Some photos, taken during the Christmas market in the town centre of Montpellier. I picked these images in hope to show some contrast and differences in people’s mood and behaviour during the festive period.


“Serious Christmas”
“Annoying Christmas”

                                                                   “Warm Christmas”

                                                                  “Explicit Christmas”

The project “Nobody home” – my point of view on modern society and people around me.
The aim of this project is to show people interaction with a city itself, and hopefully show some images that raise questions.

 I will shoot with my Canon 650D and having not decided yet wether to present this project in B&W or colour, i will shoot both and decide later on…

 Here are some images to start with:

 This photo was taken at the end of january which also marks the last days of sales in France. 

          “Disconnected” – as soon as i saw this young man starring at his phone, i immediately noticed                                         the image in the background and it just made sense.

“Forever young” – after watching and reading some useful photography articles and tips from one of my favourite modern street photographers Eric Kim, i got inspired and went out with my camera trying to interact and actually take photos of people at close distance. I saw this man walking in opposite  direction  and i politely asked him if i could take a photo as i loved his jumper. The man agreed without hesitation, and that just got me the boost i needed to keep overcoming my fear of photographing strangers on streets.

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