Visual Diary

Hello dear reader and welcome to my photoblog.

I hope to use this blog as a visual diary by posting photographs, updating my personal photo projects, sharing interesting articles in Street photography world. I must say that i’m open to many styles of photography but it is street photography that i am truly passionate about. Making sense out of everyday situations, creating memories, documenting society at present and chasing that decisive moment is what i find the most exciting. Merging subject matter with composition is the holy grail.
I must thank one person that gave me the most inspiration during the past year and if you are into street photography you probably know him already as he’s considered as one of the leading international educators and an excellent blogger –
mr Eric Kim , i check his blog daily for motivation and also some awesome articles on masters of photography.
Now, to the most difficult part – keeping this thing going!! i absolutely have to make it a habit..
Till next time, take care and keep your eyes peeled!

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