Motivational articles

 Hello there,

 In this post i’d like to share some amazing reading material and a few great photographers for you to
check out ( if you don’t know them already ). These are top articles that stood out for me so hopefully you’ll find something interesting too:

First up – Eric Kim visits a Bruce Gilden exhibition in Paris

Next up – David Solomons reveals his new book about London

Furthermore – an article about avoiding clichés

On to – Devin Allen’s compelling story on Baltimore

And finally – website of an amazing photographer J.M. Giordano

I hope you enjoy the read,

Till next time and remember to keep ’em peeled!

P.S. just a little photo to let you know that summer has truly arrived in Montpellier, France and this is how it feels at midday in the town centre

@ yurirasin


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