To Arles and back

 Martin Parr ladies and gentlemen…. holding an exhibition in France… only an hour by train from my city?    I’M ON IT !!

 British photographer and a member of Magnum Photo Agency, Martin Parr has been one of my main influences so i didnt think twice about going to Arles, south of France and check out his new experimental exhibition. I’m going to leave a little video i took while i was there at the end of this blog post. Meantime click if you want to read more 🙂

Having spent about an hour inside a beautiful old church, where the exhibition was held, i was hugely inspired and motivated to hit the streets of Arles, just going with the flow and shooting anything that interested me. And even though i only had about two hours before i had to catch my train back, i think i managed to get some descent shots which i’d like to share with you. So if you like – please share, and if you dont – please comment, always great to get feedback, thank you

© yurirasin 2015 All Rights Reserved

© yurirasin 2015 All Rights Reserved
 As promised, here’s a video from the exhibition “MMM”

Thanks for having a look, till next time and keep ’em peeled!


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