Abandoned and forgotten

 – I’ve been here once before, i remember we had to climb through a broken window, head first, yes thats right. I followed the same steps this time around… 

The abandoned water station just a few kms from the city centre. I was curious to see what people left behind, what state it is in now, and yes sometimes you could feel the human presence. I went there equipped with my Canon 650D and 24mm lens, while listening to Atoms For Peace album “AMOK”. Here are some lyrics that accompanied and helped me to make some interesting shots…

Our stuck together pieces
The joke is I don’t need this
You can hardly tell the difference
Well I know but I don’t care”

“Grown up together pieces
Our stuck together pieces
A load of near misses
Aw shucks, you got me”

“You can have anything that you want
Except the thing you really want
Go back to where you came from
Go back to what you know”


“While my heart keeps returning
I am lost, I am weightless
With my arms by my side
I am hope, I can break this
I am rust, I am waiting
I am here, I am weightless
I am rust, rust”

“It’s all been decided
All spies deceptive
All bouncing voices down the echo chamber
Don’t worry, baby
It goes right through me”

“Messing up the balance.
Breaking my trajectory.
All the toys in the factory.

While you all lie down.
While you all lie down.
I’m skipping back through the tapes.
Skipping through the ad breaks”.

 – There is still a lot of abandoned places to explore in this city…. for now , over and out. Oh and thank you Thom and co for this awesome album, always pushing the boundaries.

 Till next time and remember to keep em peeled!


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