Go with the flow

I find going with the flow in everyday photography extremely liberating and fulfilling. 
Perols-Carnon 2015

These were all shot on a mobile phone using VSCO cam. I feel like staying with Black and White theme for now
Perols-Carnon 2015
Perols 2015
Montpellier 2015
Lauret 2015

 © yurirasin

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Till next time,

3 comments on “Go with the flow

  1. Have you been inspired by Eric Kim recently? VSCO really is a great tool. Sometimes I think about just getting rid of Lightroom and editing all my shots on VSCO and snapseed on the iPad, just the basics.

  2. Hi Chris, i absolutely have been inspired by Eric and his blog. I dont think i could get rid of Lightroom just yet but its true that shooting on your phone with VSCO and not worrying that you dont have your “proper” camera with you is liberating for me.

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