The Most Difficult Part in Photography

 Hi there,

 It’s been a while since the last post and i feel that i need to share some things, mostly what i personally find the most difficult part of photography. Click below to continue reading..

 When i first started to learn about photography it was ( like for most people ) the technical part that i absolutely had to nail. Now that some time has passed and i Have learnt the important tec aspects, the hardest thing appears to be the Editing. And i don’t mean post processing ( i try to spend less time in front of the computer ) i mean editing your own work and making a sequence, putting a puzzle together, creating a body of work rather than uploading single images on social networks.

 Which photo will you ditch? which one will you keep? where would you put it? why? does it relate to your project or you’re simply too attached to it and afraid to delete? All those, plus another dozen of questions pop to mind while trying to put a photographic essay or a project together.

  I’ve read that a lot of photographers can’t edit on their own as they feel they can’t be objective with images and prefer an external help, some however only trust their own point of view and make choices based on their feeling. Personally i think it always helps to get a second opinion on image sequence or some critique whether the images fit together or not, but at the end of the day you’d still want to keep your foot on gas and steer your vehicle.

 I would also like to share some interesting links with videos and articles that motivated and inspired me to continue and work harder on editing and sequencing photographs.

 Finally if you’re still reading, please check out my ongoing projects right here

 Thank you for reading, till next time and keep ’em peeled!


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