My Top 3 Fear Factors when photographing on streets

 Hello dear reader and thanks for stopping by,

This blog post entry will be about the fear and unease i struggle with while shooting on streets. I must say that it’s nowhere near strong enough as it was about 3 years ago but i still find it extremely hard to lift my camera up and press that shutter in some situations. Click below to keep reading…more

I’d like to share what i think are my top 3 fear factors or reasons for not making the shot when it’s absolutely begging for it and i regret and call myself a chicken shortly after


  • What others might think?!

I think most of beginners in street photography, such as myself, will agree on this one. Personally it is the most annoying factor i have and need to overcome eventually.
Why would i give a shit what they think, why are their opinions matter to me? These passers by know nothing about me and don’t understand what i’m trying to do. I’m never going to see them again. Well that is questionable coz if you live in small town you’re bound to pop into same people once in a while. So what? So i’m going to explain that i’m an aspiring photographer and working on a project. Will give them my card, tell them to check out my website, and if they dont want to hear it, thats fine, i’ll say sorry for bothering them and wish them a good day with a smile on my face.


  •  That sound of shutter
  I’m happy with my camera, currently im using Canon 650D with a 24MM (2.8f) attached. Yes, it’s not a perfect camera for street photography, it’s a bit heavy ( minimised the weight with a pancake lens which is awesome btw!) , but i’ve had it for over 3 years already, i know it by heart and at the moment i can’t really afford to get another one or change it ( and i’d really love to get a Ricoh GR next ).
 The problem is – that shutter sound is messing with my mind and sometimes i wish i had a silent camera. There are situations when you have to get closer yet you want to stay invisible at the same time which in itself requires tons of practice but that shutter sound ruins everything. Yes, this fraction of a second gives me creeps and allows to draw attention to yourself, which takes me back to previous point – others will see me and judge me!!!
  • Self judgement 
 This factor usually works side by side with a first one ( mentioned earlier ).
I think overthinking can damage your creative stream. While it’s important to know the technical and compositional sides of photography, personally if you’re out there shooting for yourself, for practice, for a personal essay or a project it’s essential to follow your gut, get in the zone and most of all enjoy the process.
 What if this is not interesting to anyone? Why am i doing this? Am i wasting my time? I only have x number of followers on social media?  Maybe i suck? All those questions come to mind once in a while but you have to stay positive and say – FUCK IT! I’m out here because i enjoy it, this is my passion and i dont know how long it will last so might as well make the most of it hey! The important thing to me is that i learn every time i shoot on streets and by running this visual diary blog as well as working on a few projects, hopefully after some time i will see the progress and how i evolved as a photographer.
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 So dear reader, if you’re still here and would like to add anything or comment, please feel free to do so.
 Till next time, keep shooting and have fun.

6 comments on “My Top 3 Fear Factors when photographing on streets

  1. My top top tip for the second point is just to embrase it and look forward to it. Make the thing you hate the most, the thing you love. If you are afraid people will notice you because of the shutter sound, make it so that you use that look as a good thing. I stole this from Eric Kim, but a shutter which makes a sound means you can get a photo when they don't know you are there, then a photo when they know you are there. That's two chances and very different situations.
    Having said all that, I know those fears well! I don't think it's good to ever not feel them but “courage isn't the absence of fear, it's acting inspite of fear”.

  2. Hi Yuri
    One technique I find works well is to find a place where the background and light is good and wait, with your camera ready, for people to come to you. There is a rich and vibrant colour to people in any city scape and they will come. It is much easier to click the shutter if you already have the camera to your eye when your subject comes into your viewfinder (also, keep it there until after they’ve gone!)

    • Hi David, thanks for the tip! I belive some photogs call this “fishing” which is a great advice. The only problem is the time and patience – something to work on for me for sure. Thanks for stopping by

  3. Hi Yuri, At the moment you are shooting for yourself and your subject is everyday life, would your mindset change if you encountered a news situation ?
    I suspect it would, as the event could be important., your pix are important and deserve the same level of pursuit.
    As a photographer you represent everyone who will ever see that picture, you have to be bold for them !

    Hope this helps !

    • Thanks David, think you’re right. If i had a particular personal project then i’ll be totally immersed in it and will be these fears in process. Still, by recognising it i think i’m already on the right path 🙂

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