Do Your Thing

 … i just got on a tram, heading back home from work. Got the notebook out of my bag and and let the pen do the rest.
I have about 30 minutes till home, why not use this time to jot down some thoughts and discoveries that kept me busy the last few days. This blog entry is about sticking to what you love and following your own creative path. Click below to continue reading…

First of all i’d like to apologise for my English and my writing that you may find somewhat disjointed and a bit all over the place. That’s one of the main reasons i love photography, you can say so much more through images. But as my visual diary needs some pre-text and i feel i need to write things down as i go along, it will be interesting to look at this in  years to come and remember the journey.
Having notebook with me at almost all times helps me to try and be more organised and disciplined in running this blog, but in the end its not about writing right, its about visual interpretation.

 What inspired me these last few days

– Discovering and falling in love with the work of Gueorgui Pinkhassov – the only Russian member of the legendary Magnum.
If you love artistic approach to documentary photography, make sure to check out his work in the link above. His use of colours, light and shadows are nothing short of amazing. For example, below you’ll find one of his most iconic images.


© Gueorgui Pinkhassov

While going through his portfolio, then watching some interviews on youtube i’ve learnt that in his early photographic years he was inspired by the Avant-garde Russian painter who was best known for his controversial piece ” The Black Square ” – Kazimir Malevich (we’ll come back to him in later posts)

After watching his lecture in Magnum Academy in Russia ( which is available on youtube but only in russian ) i literally wanted to capture everything. At the moment i live in not a such a big apartment but it was like looking at things with new eyes. Noticing and following the light and shadows, reflections in mirrors, shapes and forms etc. So i picked my camera and started clicking away, a little photo sequence “Home” was born.



Then i thought – if i could notice all those things at home, its unimaginable what goes on outside!! I grabbed my camera and headed outside. The weather was great, it rained last night and there were still some clouds present but not for long.
I was out there and enjoying every bit of it, i didn’t force it, just followed the light and shot whatever interested me. It’s a plus with Digital, keep shooting and you can always edit later. So here is my advice to anyone who’s still reading or maybe even to myself ( as i plan to read this few years later ) –
Get up, get inspired and DO YOUR THING ! Do whatever drives you, whatever makes you happy, remember nobody can make something exactly the same as you, you’re unique and time is running out…





© yurirasin 2015 All Rights Reserved

If you liked what you’ve read and seen and would like to comment, don’t hesitate.

That’s it for now, till next time!


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