In few clicks

 While i’m still working on the next proper blog post which includes some recent ideas and photographic adventures, i’d like to share some videos that inspired and helped me to continue and get out of rut when i needed to.

We live in a world where information travels with the speed of light and it seems such waste not to take advantage of that. Think about it, you are just few clicks away from finding and discovering whatever you’re into. In this case, with photography – there are hundreds of extremely valuable and important videos on youtube. Magnum official website is absolute gold for one. And its all available for you, most of it for free! Assuming of course that you have internet access. So here are a few videos that i personally watch and go back to from time to time:

David Lynch


Trent Parke
Alec Soth



William Eggleston

I hope you’ll find them helpful and interesting or if you’ve already seen all of them and would like to recommend your favourite videos, please don’t hesitate to do so in the Comments below.

Have a wonderful week and till next time,


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