A new home

Hello dear reader,

I’m not sure how to start, what a surprise…

The thing is, i already have a photography themed blog running on Blogger.com, and after much hesitation and verification i’d like to finally move to WordPress.


I don’t yet know all the technical issues within this platform so i thought i’ll go with it and learn as i go.

Now, shortly about me and this little blog:

My name is Yuri and i’m 32. I was born in Kazakhstan and later lived in Israel and England. At present i live in Montpellier, France with the woman of my life and our two wonderful boys (7 and 5).

I’ve always been interested in documenting things around me, be it on a camera or a video recorder. There is something magical about it, stopping the time, finding extraordinary amongst ordinary. I normally never regret anything in my life, except for one thing – that i didn’t get into photography seriously earlier on.

Now that i’ve been into street photography (even though i’d prefer to call it just photography) for about 4 years, i still have lots and lots to learn, but its fascinating to look back at the progress throughout the years.

I’d like to treat this site as a visual diary of my photographic journey and also share some tips and advices for any of you who’s just picking up a camera and eager to hit the streets like i did a few years back. These advices and tips are all taken from various sources, books, articles, videos that i’ve consumed for the past 4 years, so for some they will work and for some they won’t, i’ll just share whatever worked and helped me along the way.

I’m going to finish here for now as its 01:00 and i’m getting up at 07:00 tomorrow. Till next time, take care and if you’d like to check out my ongoing projects, please visit yurirasin.com portfolio section.

Feel free to leave comments and connect



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