Simplicity is the key

Hello dear reader,

Thanks for stopping by. This morning i’d like to share some crucial tips about starting your own photography project, essay, sequence etc. I can surely tell you that it helped and pointed me in the right direction.

I’m talking about picking and sticking to ONE camera, ONE lens, colour OR black & white, ONE lightroom or photoshop preset and of course sticking to the main theme of you project.

A couple of years back i was very eager to start my first little photographic essay. I had an idea, motivation, so i cracked on with it.

The thing is, sometimes when i took my camera for a walk, i had a 35mm lens on. But the truth is its just too damn heavy, so when i went to work, i switched to the 24mm pancake lens (which btw stays on my camera most of the time now).

Later i would upload the images and try to decide and pick the good ones. But another i made another error of trying to save a bad image by switching it to black and white or vice versa. Then i tried a different effect, i thought maybe then it will look how i want it to look, maybe if i put that awesome preset on. Well, no… it didn’t. In the end my series of images just ended up being, well… a series of single images that have no connection to each other. There was no certain atmosphere, no fluidity in my essay.

It’s all about staying as simple as you can, and sticking to it until the end of your project. You have to decide right from the start:

  • what is the the main theme?
  • what feeling are you trying to create through the images
  • pick one camera, one lens
  • pick one preset or nothing at all

And of course, be patient and persistent and most of all – HAVE FUN! if you’re no longer having fun, ditch it and move on to another idea.

I’d like to finish this post with one of the videos that inspired me to write this article. Its a video of the one and only Alec Soth, you can check out his work in the link if some of you are not familiar with this Magnum photographer.

That’s it for now,

Thanks for stopping by and till next time


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