Un caption this

Hello dear reader,

In this post i’d like to talk about giving or rather NOT giving your photographs titles or captions.


I’d like to remind you that its my personal point of view, so some may agree and some will disagree with me on that one.

Most of starting out photographers give titles to their images, i did it. I would come back home, upload my shots to Lightroom, tweak and modify, put cheesy captions under and upload them online with great anticipation to get these likes!

I was afraid that people won’t get what i’m trying to say in a photo. I had to somehow hint and point them in the right direction. Because to me my interpretation is the only interpretation there is!

Well, my advice to beginners in street or no matter what photography you’re into – don’t give your photos titles. You don’t have to explain what’s on a photo, let the viewers make up their own captions, titles, stories etc. In my opinion, you just need to make sure that whatever it is you’re photographing transforms well into an image. Meaning, you have to be sure exactly on what you’re photographing, why at this angle, at this perspective? It has to be clear to yourself first.


Personally, when i shoot on streets, most of the time i don’t have any certain theme in mind. It is later, when i look at the pictures, i edit them. I try to make strong single images first of all ( where i fail most of the time ) , but quoting the master Alex Webb: “Street photography is 99% failure”, and following the advice of the great Martin Parr who said: “You have to take lots of bad photos to get 1 good one”

Coming back to the main point, the images you make have to make sense to YOU and you only, don’t give titles and let the viewer interpret the image.

You’re always welcome to leave comments on this subject, and that’s it from me for now. Thanks for reading, have a great weekend and till next time!



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