Bad weather, good walk

Today in most of south of France is pretty gloomy, dark clouds are above and no sign of sun coming out any time soon. Yes, it looks quite depressing outside and i find it hard to get motivated and inspired to get out.

Still, as i have some free time today, i’ve decided to embrace the bad weather and treat it as a creative constraint. To continue, click below…

I told myself to stop with the excuses and just pick up a camera and get out there, enjoy the fresh air after the rain.


Obviously chasing the natural light would be unnecessary as there is none, but i could just go with the flow and enjoy the surroundings. I will not force anything, i’ll let images come to me. I will look for something interesting or weird, anything that catches my eye. Shapes and forms, something that is out of ordinary.

Also i find that having less or no expectations at all helps me. Because when i’m back home and having looked at what i shot today, i don’t expect anything great. If i get one descent picture – awesome, if not – i still feel better for having gone out and practiced my skills. So my advice will be – get out of your comfort zone and stop making excuses, there is no bad day to take photos.

That’s it for now, if you have your own bad weather routine, please comment below, can’t wait to hear it.

Thanks for reading and till next time,



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