Paris / December /Colour

Hello dear readers and thanks for stopping by,

I hope everyone had a great time during Christmas, hope you spent it amongst your loved ones, family or friends.

As I spent a few days in Paris this December, having been to the local park and wondering in the city centre, I feel I need to share some things that caught my eye during that time. 

There is no particular order in this sequence of images. I had a camera on me at most times and just shot whatever caught my eye and when I felt something.

Once more, I tried to avoid the obvious cliché touristic photo opportunities and went for something different.

Edited in Lightroom later, I divided the colour and black and white photos into 2 different posts. Here is Paris in colour:

people on bus

line of birds.jpg



poster and lady.jpg



the lines.jpg

tree reflection.jpg

©yurirasin  2015 All rights reserved

Thank you for checking this out and stay tuned for the Black and White selection.

Also i’d like to wish everyone a very happy New Year and till next time





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