My favourite photographers on Instagram

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I’ve always thought the list blog posts were fun and I’ve certainly enjoyed reading them from time to time. Recently, while checking out my Instagram feed, I thought I should share the list of photogs that rock my Instagram.

Instagram took over Flickr for me in the past year for the obvious reason of being installed on my phone therefore I would check it wherever I am.

I think that now, more than ever, its important to not get lost in social networks and be selective of artists you follow and if you want to be inspired and learn from the best – you have to pick and follow the best or your favourite. Here are mine:

Favourite Instagram photographers ( in no particular order )

  • Daniel Arnold  If you’re looking for something different and not just street photography, my advice is to check out Mr Arnold as he’s got some interesting and unusual photos. Funny and disturbing images will play with your mind
©Arnold Daniel


  • Gueorgui Pinkhassov   The only russian member of the legendary Magnum agency. He captures every day moments with extreme elegance and makes them truly unique. A cross between artistic and documentary photography.
©Gueorgui Pinkhassov
  • David Alan Harvey  Another Magnum member, he uses social media as his visual diary. Every week you can expect to see some magic from this photographer. Colour or B&W
©David Alan Harvey
©Dirty Harrry
  • Joshua White  Seoul based photographer sharing every day candid moments. Personal work in high contrast B&W. I was drawn to his photos because of the sense of intimacy as well as loneliness in busy places
©Josh White


There you are, at present these photogs rock my Instagram. If you have your favourite Instagrammers, please share in the comments. Oh and you can always find me there 🙂

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2 comments on “My favourite photographers on Instagram

  1. going to follow a lot of these! Been looking around for a good feed. This will surely help. Many thanks

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