Paris / December / B&W

Hello dear reader,

I hope you kicked off 2016 in style, and even if you haven’t yet, its only the beginning.

As promised earlier, I’d like to share the second series of images I took while being in Paris for Christmas holidays last year. Again, I’d like to mention that i steered off the cliché Paris touristic photos and tried to capture something different. It was more of a stream of consciousness photography. 

Seeing things from a different perspective

reflection sil

Recognising geometrical beauty and filling up the frame

blacknwhite umbrellas

Diving into a buzzing Paris metro

paris metro

Using natural framing


Not worrying too much about the shutter speed sometimes


Stealing from the masters, Mark Cohen in this case

upside down

Finding beauty in the ordinary

issy paris

Surrendering and making that birds in the river shot…

birds paris



lost in park

And simply having fun and enjoying being out, being grateful for what you have and living the experience.

© yurirasin 2016 All Rights Reserved

That’s it for now dear reader, if you would like to check out the previous colour series from Paris click here.

Till next time and thanks again for stopping by.


4 comments on “Paris / December / B&W

  1. This is cool…love the black and white. As well as how it manifests and expresses itself well, even with less color 🙂 . By the way shared this post on Twitter with my followers.

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