Discovering Mark Power

Hi there,

In this post I’d like to share some insight and some very valuable and important material for any aspiring photographer like myself.

I’m hoping to do these “Discovering Masters” posts once a month. This time I’m inviting you to discover a British Magnum photographer Mark Power.


Power studied Fine Art at Brighton Polytechnic (1978–1981), and then travelled extensively, discovering a love for photography along the way. Upon his return, he worked as a freelance for several UK publications and charities. The timeline of his work you can find here.

In this article Power gives advice to aspiring photographers. Great for motivation!

Follow this link to see Mark Power’s official Vimeo channel with videos about his projects.

Don’t forget the photographer’s Magnum profile page

And a few youtube videos that i found very interesting:

I hope you found Power’s work and his democratic approach to photography as inspirational as i did. In case you missed my first post on discovering the Masters of photography featuring Marc Riboud, you can find it here.

Once again, thanks for checking this out and till next time. Stay inspired and enjoy the experience!







6 comments on “Discovering Mark Power

      • Absolutely! I’ve seen it on Magnum before but it was very interesting hearing his comments on his project (in the TED video), it added some new light to his work. I think I’ll have to watch his video again maybe pick up a copy of his book too. BTW I’ve got a photo I’d love your thoughts on. I’ll send it in a DM

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