The missed shot

 When in doubt, click! – one of the advices I took from Eric Kim and try to stick to when out shooting in the streets.

I was walking to the shop the other day, had a camera in my hand in case I see something interesting. I noticed this tall man, dressed like a cowboy with the hat and a long coat, approaching. It was like he just came out of that “The Hateful 8” poster. As he came closer i brought the camera to my eye and he started waving his hand negatively and quickly turned away. I took a shot anyway, smiled, said hello and continued walking realising that i missed the shot, sigh…


Few days later I uploaded the photo, cropped the image slightly and found that I may even got something more interesting than intended (gotta stay positive!). There is something I like about this image and can’t really explain why.. also it looks like a Saul Leiter inspired shot. Horizontal lines are slightly off and the colour is toned down. Don’t get me wrong, its not a great image but its still worth keeping, it may find its place in series like “City Silhouettes” or “Abstract city” or something like that..

Anyway, the point is, you never know what you gonna get. The image you thought wouldn’t work might just work later in editing or you might notice something that you didn’t when you took a photo. As history tells us, most of the successful street photographs are down to luck and being in the right place in the right time. So don’t get discouraged, just stay positive and keep on shooting.

Thank you for reading and till next time,




10 comments on “The missed shot

  1. it is a mistake to evaluate in terms of “more successful” or “less successful”, what is it anyway?

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