Christophe Agou (my favourite images)

A challenge that my fellow streettog Chris J Wilson suggested we should do was – to pick one favourite photo from each of the Two galleries of the late Christophe Agou on InPublic website. Here is what Chris picked as his favourites, followed by explanation and analyse.

Now, its my turn and man, it was tough to pick One photo, but from the first gallery I’m going with this image

faits_ 018

Composition wise I believe its not the strongest but it’s the angelic face, the peaceful glance and the aureole effect around the subject’s head that does it for me. Surrounded by darkness and vaguely seen faces in the background, her face stands out almost magically.

My choice from the second gallery would be this image of a woman on a subway in NY I believe.


I’ve looked through that second gallery over 10 times probably and 9 times out of 10 I would come back to this image. The other image was the woman with crossed hands, holding her shopping bags with handles in shape of sad face which the woman had herself. But in the end I would always go back to this, in my opinion, very powerful image as the emotion and the face expression on this woman is very strong, you can even see the tears running down her face. I can’t help but wonder – why, what happened? we don’t know but the emotion IS there and it gets you…

Thank you Chris for your challenge, we should do that more often, maybe make it a weekly challenge?

If someone cares to join, don’t hesitate, we would love to hear about your favourites.

Thanks for reading, till next time




9 comments on “Christophe Agou (my favourite images)

  1. Good, but what exactly is the challenge? is it to just pick a photo from inPublic website or to replicate the chosen one in your own style?

    • haha, yes actually just picking ONE photo from the masters of photography is a challenge. What you suggested though, takes it to another level! thank you for commenting 🙂

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