Go with the quote #1

Hello dear friends,

This will be the first of series of blog posts with some inspirational and motivational quotes from famous and unknown photographers, artists and just ordinary people. These quotes speak to me and drive my creativity and motivation. Hopefully you’ll find them as helpful and as meaningful.

Mark Riboud:

The only thing that can make the world a better place is culture. Money, ambition, jealousy, those will take us nowhere. In the contemporary world everything is defined by money. Where are our values? Culture—arts, writing, photography—that’s what can make this world better and brighter.

Gueorgui Pinkhassov:

The power of our Muse lies in her meaninglessness. Even the style can turn one into a slave if one does not run away from it, and then one is doomed to repeat oneself. The only thing that counts is curiosity. For me personally, this is what creativity is about. It will express itself less in the fear of doing the same thing over again than in the desire not to go where one has already been.


Street photography provides a window through which we observe single moments that hint at stories, entangled within the magnitude of modern human existence. Though isolated and silent, these moments help rationalize our human need for a sense of order.

If you have some quotes that motivate you, don’t hesitate to share them in comments.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading, take care of yourselves and till next time.


5 comments on “Go with the quote #1

  1. Good idea for a series you’ve got there! Keep it up. I like Marc Riboud’s quote because it is something I have been asking myself lately. The presence (or absence) of culture is, as a human species, is of highest importance and influence than anything.

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