A day in the life

January. Montpellier. France. Weather +12 max. Sunny with some clouds.


Got up, had breakfast, took the kids to school, came back, tidied up a bit, brother in law Flo came over. My wife, Flo and I had a coffee, Valerie’s and mine were black, Flo had a milky one. Flo and I got our cameras ready, he had Nikon with a zoom lens, I had Canon with a prime, we accompanied Val to her university, talking and making photos once in a while, then continued towards the city centre, we had a couple of hours to wonder around the old little streets of Montpellier, it was a bit chilli but the sun warmed us up nicely, the light was good.

All images by ©yurirasin 2016




We came back home, Flo had another coffee and left, I uploaded the images from both of our Sd cards into Lightroom and started on post prod (usually i wait few days to do that), had lunch, continued tweaking with photos, read a few articles on Phoblographer, read the latest post from Eric Kim, flicked through some pages of Magnum Contact Sheets, had a black coffee with sugar, went to get the kids from school. Valerie came back from Uni and i went to work ( continued reading “Steal like an artist” on a tram to and from work )


Came back from work, had a bite to eat, wrote a draft blog post, edited some photos, checked Twitter and FB ( can’t help it ), watched “Spectre” with Val. The opening scene of the film was very impressive as were some stunts during the movie, but we both thought that “Skyfall” was better ( story wise ).

the end

Thank you dear reader and I’m sorry if I bored you to death with my daily routine, simply trying a new type of blog post :).

Till next time!


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