Trent Parke ( favourite photo )

It’s time for our weekly challenge. A challenge to pick a favourite photo from a respected and a well known photographer. I am doing this with my fellow photo bloggers Chris Wilson and Brook. This week it was Brook’s turn to choose a famous photographer and choose he did! He picked one of the best working photographers around at the moment – a Magnum member Trent Parke. Click here to see Brook’s choice and here for Chris

After spending about half hour, looking at his galleries on InPublic website, I was torn between three images. The rule is to pick only one so I finally decided on this photo



This image is taken in a city as you can just make out the building in the background while in the foreground there are peoples shadows being casted onto a moving object. This would have to been taken at longer exposure rather than a faster exposure because that would have frozen the vehicle in place. Like many of Trent’s images they are very odd and come across as slightly surreal and encapsulate a story within the frame causing you to view the image for longer as you try to understand the story it conveys. The shadows of the people are strange and give the impression that people are posing but in quite a dominant stance.

I’ve also read somewhere that he worked on this image for months. He would go back to the same spot and waited for the moment where the light, the shadows, the people, everything was in it’s place.

Being patient in photography is still something that I myself have to work on as the results can be so worth it. Parke proves it in this and in many other of his images.

His book “Minutes to Midnight” ( from where the photo is taken ) is already considered as classic, and I seriously consider buying it very soon.

Well, that was fun, thanks again Brook and Chris for participating. I believe next week is my turn, oh and by the way, anyone can join. Find us with #Mondayphotopick, let’s get it trending!

Thanks for reading


6 comments on “Trent Parke ( favourite photo )

    • Hi Pavel. Koudelka is a great choice, however if you don’t mind we’ll leave it till next week as we’ve decided to do this “Monday photo pick” every monday of the week. You’re very welcome to let us know in your blog or on Twitter which artist we have to pick from (Koudelka). all the best and thanks for joining!

  1. Great pick Yuri, I was going to pick this exact one but opted to do a color one because I am currently doing that as well. He is one great photographer.

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