Go with the quote #2

Every thursday of the week I try to share some quotes from well known and unknown artists, writers, painters, creative people in general. These quotes speak to me and inspire me to continue doing what I’m doing, so hopefully there will be something useful for you dear reader.

Martin Parr:

“I think the ordinary is a very under-exploited aspect of our lives because it is so familiar.”

Alec Soth:

“I always say that photography’s closest cousin is poetry because of the way it sparks your imagination and leaves gaps for the viewer to fill in.”

Rene Burri:

 “What counts is putting the intensity that you yourself have experienced into the picture. Otherwise it is just a document.”

And to close this post, here is snippet from upcoming series from the recent strikes that took place in France on the 26th of January 2016. I witnessed how it unfolded in Montpellier, South of France



Thanks for reading and if you missed the first Quote post, click here



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