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We’ve all been there, and if you haven’t yet, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. I mean having a Hard Drive that suddenly dies for no reason ( my case few years ago ) and as a result we lose our precious work. It might also happen to your cloud storage like Dropbox or icloud, you never know when and why they might just crash on you so keeping all your files there is very risky as well.

b&w france-6

I do have 2 external drives for storing my work, and at times I use Dropbox or Google Drive but who knows how long will they be around before something happens, right?

Therefore yesterday I started doing what I haven’t done in a long time – archiving my photos on DISCS. I received the compact CD burner ( which was only 20euros ) that I bought on ebay a week ago, and I already had a pack of CD-R and DVD+RW discs available so I cracked on with it. Find more information on which discs to use and how to burn Cds right here.

The thing with Cds – they will last you forever, of course keeping in mind that you store them in a cool dry place. But I’m sure I will sleep better knowing that all my files – RAW and Processed are safe.

Preserve you work dear friends and thank you for reading.

Till next time,




7 comments on “Archive your work

  1. Are you sure Cd’s will last forever? In 60 years, who knows if thete will be device to read your decades old CD.

    If you have photos that you care for, print would be the most dafe way…I mean I have a photo of my grand grand patents from 1918…

    • No, of course i’m not Pavel. By forever i meant for much longer than hard drives which are very prone to malfunctioning. I totally agree about prints and that we should absolutely print our pictures but above i’m talking about a large storage and lots of files, i mean i have about 2,500 photos. Sure, i’ll probably print the most precious to me but thats it.

      • I also have two hard drives and even some CDs. I am afraid the number is too high. Tens of thousands….I will never see 99 % of these photos again.

        I forgot to tel you, that I love that photo from this post!

  2. the best solution is a cloud…
    better than cd or hard drives.

    everything is always a risk. …I try to comfort myself by thinking of what I’ve done, not what I’ve lost…
    (I lost paintings(physical) and photos/docs(virtual) a couple of times.)

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