Martin Parr ( favourite photo )

It’s time for our Monday Photo Pick.

What is it?  An idea by an aspiring street photographer Chris Wilson, with whom I’ve been in touch on Twitter, is to choose a well known photographer and then within 24 hours to pick your favourite image from this photographer. Write a blog post about it and explain your choice. 

Over the past few weeks we picked up another 2 members willing to participate Brook and Pavel, so if it interest you dear reader, don’t hesitate to give us a shout in comments and join us for #Mondayphotopick.

This Monday it’s my turn to choose a photographer whose archives we are going to raid in search of a favourite image. I decided to go with one of my favourite photographers and probably my first influence in colour photography – Martin Parr. If you don’t happen to know who he is, I strongly recommend you to check it out here.

It was ( as it is every monday ) particularly difficult for me to choose just one photo as Parr is known for his series of images concerning a certain subject matter, be it consumerism, tourism, food close-ups or the British obsession with weather. Almost every image in the mentioned series is great in its own way, but the rules are the rules and I have to pick ONE so here it is:

Martin Parr 1982

This is taken from “The Last Resort” – the first project Martin Parr made in colour and never went back to B&W since. It’s a significant body of work capturing Britain under Thatcher who just gained power at that time. The whole book is pretty amazing with strong single images accenting the contrast of working class places like Mersyside near Liverpool and a whole country going through real tough times and basically falling apart.

This particular image is the strongest for me, because I think it can relate to our present society and also serves as a great document of those times. You can see a complete chaos, a see of people, desperately trying to get what they can. Every face has a special expression of panic or dissaray.

Thank you for reading and remember, anyone can join Monday Photo Pick.

P.S. a little video I took while visiting Martin Parr’s exhibition in Arles 2015






6 comments on “Martin Parr ( favourite photo )

  1. Nice choice and explanation. I think I’m going to have to buy a copy of last resort. It was around the time I was born so I think that’s pretty significant. Great choice again.

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