Work in progress

Hello dear friends,

I wanted to update you about some things I’ve been working on as well as share my current inspirations and influences.

This is a sneak peek from ongoing photo series “ComMute” which I’ve decided to work on with a fellow photographer from Poland. I hope he wont be mad if I share my work in progress haha.

The idea is to show the differences and similarities, human behaviours of commuters etc. During this little project we will hopefully learn from each other and I think it’s an interesting and fun way to stay creatively motivated.

Tram stop Plan Cabanes, Montpellier, France ©yurirasin

Working on: “Livelihood” ( about street vendors ) with a fellow streettog from Ethiopia, ‘Montpellier” ( long term ), “France in B&W” ( long term ), “Two brothers” ( personal documentary about my sons / long term ). Apart from that, ordered a little demo photo trade book that I created on Blurb. Can’t wait for the result, will keep you posted.

Currently reading: “Show your work” by Austin Kleon

Lately influenced by: Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Alex Webb

At present inspired by: Pavel Petros, Chris J Wilson, Josh White, Eric Kim, Brook, Victor Bezrukov, Olivier Duong – guys you know who you are – thanks for interesting and inspirational content that you share!

Thank you for reading and stay creative,




5 comments on “Work in progress

  1. Sounds like you a busy with your projects! May I look at you demo book on Blurb. Post a link if you don’t mind…

    • i try not to keep many ideas in my head, i figured its better to start doing smth, then even if you lost interest in the process you still learn a lot. i’ll send you the link in PM on facebook if its ok

      • Ok, I am just interested to look, I made one book on Blurb and I also did one little just to look how it is going to look…

        I am not working on projects. I have things in my head, just ideas, but it would be too strong to call it projects.

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