Go with the quote #4

Some inspirational pickings on creativity

Anders Petersen:

“There is not a big difference between life and taking pictures… You’re in the middle of life, you’re living, making love, eating, sleeping—and photography is part of it. And I don’t say this because I’m being romantic. I say this because that’s just the way it happens to be.” 

Thom Yorke:

“If you want to shift with your work, with your writing, with being creative at all, you kinda have to stop – to make that shift.

Because if you’re constantly creating, you’re making the basic mistake of assuming that all your ideas are brilliant.

I need to go and do normal shit. I can’t write until I have a period where I reset, where it’s just normal, normal, normal, normal.”

Martin Scorsese:

“If we try and know ourselves, are we too afraid sometimes to go to areas that are unpleasant and irrational? Ultimately, what this is all about is ‘know thyself”


Montpellier 2015 ©yurirasin

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