Alex Webb ( favourite photo )

Another impossible task is a ahead of us today, I’m talking about Monday Photo Pick of course. What do we do? – We choose a well known photographer, pick ONE favourite image of that Master and then tweet or blog about it and explain our choice. 

This monday it was Chris who had to choose a famous photographer. I can tell you he didn’t make it easy for us as he chose an American photographer and a member of Magnum Photos – Mr Alex Webb. Like a few of his Magnum colleagues, Webb started with Black & White photography and later in 1978 converted to shooting in colour which he continues to do. He is known for creating more complicated and layered images which capture emotion with use of light and colours available. Many photographers call him “The Magician” and while searching for my personal favourite photo of his, I would absolutely agree. I could have easily picked at least 5 but rules are rules. Without further ado, here it is:

©Alex Webb

I saw this photo for the first time a couple of months ago. I remember keeping looking at it for a while, trying to figure out what is happening in this image. It looks clean and simple, a bit unlike most of Webb’s work. But that IS the trick with this photo, it plays with your mind and vision. What I noticed first – boy’s head in the foreground sticking out and looking through the wall, but wait, how did the other boy climb up the wall and just sat there? In fact it’s an illusion presented to the viewer. Then you actually see that it’s the boy’s bent arm that creates that illusion.

Make sure you check out the choices from fellow participants Chris, Pavel and Brook, and don’t forget, anyone can join in the #Mondayphotopick .



8 comments on “Alex Webb ( favourite photo )

  1. Why should it ruin the game? If you tell me name on, lets say, Thursday or Friday, I would have a weekend to look at the photographer, search for the information, get to know his/her work….and…I would have plenty time to choose a photo, write an explanetion….and publish it on my blog…on Monday if everything goes well.

    Now, I feel a little bit in time press since I usually get to know the name on Sunday evening and I am challlenged to post on Monday.

    But no problem, take your time for your choice.

    • I suggest one can nominate during the week, tweet and mention whos involved. Maybe we can mix it up a bit. If we have more time, we can pick one favourite and one least favourite and why as suggested by Pavel. What fo you guys think?

      • Less favorite photo is tricky, I would stay with most favorite. I know I mentioned it last week.

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