Henri Cartier-Bresson ( favourite photo )

Hello friends,

It’s “Monday photo pick” time, where we get to nominate a well known photographer and then choose a favourite image. Sounds simple? I can assure you – it really isn’t. We’ve already been through such legends as Trent Parke, Martin Parr, Josef Koudelka etc and it feels like it gets more difficult each time.

This time Brook has chosen Henri Cartier Bresson. If you don’t know who he is, please google as it’ll take me a good few hours to write a proper introduction to the legend of street photography and one of the founders of Magnum Photos.

My favourite HCB photo:


I finally chose this image because I kept looking at it for longer than others, I got lost in it, started imagining a story; maybe the photographer knew the woman in the photo and was trying to catch her to tell her something important etc. I also love the atmosphere in this city scape and the geometry of elements.

You can check out Chris, Brook and Pavel choices and you’re also welcome to join us in this weekly challenge. Find us on Twitter using with #Mondayphotopick , hope to see you there!

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