Robert Capa ( favourite photo )

Robert Capa was a Hungarian war photographer, photo journalist and a co-founder of the legendary Magnum Photos agency. You can also check out his full biography here.

He is also been nominated by Maria for our weekly Monday Photo Pick challenge. Now, I have to choose my favourite image of his and explain, so will do Chris, Brook and Maria respectively.


Unlike most of Capa’s images which document the war in action and its consequences, this photograph is full of life. It was taken in winter of 1938 during Sino-Japanese war. This is a real moment of joy and you can feel it by looking at these kids who are fighting their own snowball war. I love the paradox and technically this is a lovely B&W image with contrasts of snow and dark and black children coats.

Thank you for reading and if you want to participate, you can find us with a #Mondayphotopick on Twitter or get in touch in comments.

Till next time!




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