February picks

In this post I would like to share some of my favourite images taken in February this year. All shot with Canon 650D and a 24mm prime lens. 

Location: Montpellier, France

Av. Temperature: 12 C*

Shooting mode: P mode, autofocus ( manual focus on occasions )

Editing Software: Lightroom 4, using film preset Portra 400 for colour images and Neopan 1600 for B&W images.

There is no narrative in this series. These are moments that I felt are worth capturing, and for me there is a little story in every photo. The point is – so the viewer can make up their own story too.




puddle man



shadow tree


people & tram



All rights reserved ©yurirasin 2016

So whether you found a little story in some images or not, thank you for making it this far.

Till next time!


17 comments on “February picks

    • Thanks a lot for having a look and for the compliment. There will be more uploaded soon, you can also check out previous posts under Visual Diary section. Cheers

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