Jack Simon (favourite photo)

Hi there,

I wanted to start this blog post with a usual positive note – “Hope you had a great weekend” until I flicked through Twitter quickly ( I know – distractions!! ) only to find out about another terrible attack on innocent lives that happened in Ankara. My thoughts go out to Turkish people. I know its a bit off track and nothing to do with this particular blog post but I felt I had to mention…

On with our weekly challenge – Monday photo pick ( someone nominates a photographer and we have to pick favourite image and explain our choice in a blog or on Twitter )

This time it was my turn to nominate and I chose Jack Simon. Whoever is unfamiliar with this name and starting out in street photography – I suggest you check out Simon’s work on his website. He is also a member of “Burn my eye” – an international photography collective born from the candid ethos of street photography, captures the truths, lies and fantasies of the world.

I am very fond of Jack Simon’s work and share his love for colour, digital photography. He’s known for capturing strong single images of everyday street (and not only ) life. He suggests a story, gives a hint to the viewer, makes us guess so we come up with our own story. By looking at his images I can also say that he’s an easygoing person with a great sense of humour.

©Jack Simon

This is my pick; I love how the beam of light leads us to the sign that says “Stop All War” and the man’s glance towards the light from above is significant and well timed. Almost as if its the Aliens with the most important message to humans.

Well, I guess without even knowing it, this stunning image connected with the beginning of this blog post.

Here are Chris, Brook and Maria’s picks.

Thank you for reading, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.





7 comments on “Jack Simon (favourite photo)

  1. I’d seen one of his images before, but didn’t realise he did so much great stuff! Thanks for the post, I’ll be looking more into his work. Some of the images have a great quirkiness that reminds me a little of Matt Stuart’s work.

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