Go with the quote #9

Writing this blog post for the first time on a tram, on my way to work. I have spent most of my day compiling a personal photo book with Blurb which I’m glad to say I’ve finished.
After testing out Blurb printing services for the first time a month ago by making a little zine book, I was quite happy with the quality and finally made a proper soft copy book.

Anyway, as I’m on the go and have just read a Bird in Flight article that I saved on Pocket earlier, I would like to share a quote by a Ukranian photographer Vadim Sakhanenko who said:

Why teach beauty to someone if they can not feel it? It would only be a lie”

By that Vadim means that you can learn all the technical factors in photography but you cant really learn creativity. There are ways and methods gained with practice but first of all the most important thing is that he shoots what He considers to be beautiful and interesting.  And that I admire.


Thank you for stopping by and till very soon.

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