Abstract City in Black & White

I would just like to share a series of images from recent walks in Montpellier, France. This will be a B&W sequence as I’m constantly in battle with myself in picking and sticking to only B&W or colour work.

One day I feel very positive, go out and see colours, try to combine the contrasts and figure out what the colour brings to the image and other days I just want to capture the essence of something, shadows, textures and forms.

These images are taken in february and march of 2016 with not so ( street photography ) camera Canon 650D and a 24mm lens 🙂

©yurirasin 2016

Thank you for stopping by and till next time.


11 comments on “Abstract City in Black & White

  1. I really like them. Especially the last one. I like those shadows from the fence, and the sense of mystery. What is the man doing, anyway? I also like the other ones!

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