Enjoy the moment

Its pretty simple. The time is not on our side. The clock is ticking away and life as you know it “is ending every moment at a time” ( C.Palahniuk ). Sorry, had to quote again, can’t help it but its so true.

You have the power in your hands –  your camera and the gift – your eye sight, so go out there and use it. There are always things to photograph, and most importantly, photograph your loved ones, your relatives, your friends because these images will matter to you the most in years to come.

Couple of weeks ago I was lucky to accompany my oldest son to a day of circus training which is provided by his school. They would learn basics of acrobatics, juggling, movements, rope walking etc. I don’t remember having anything like this in my school when I was a kid so I was excited to come along and see what its all about.


circus 1
circus 2
circus 3
circus 4
circus 5
circus 6
circus 7

All images by ©yurirasin 2016

Thank you for reading, stay positive and never stop creating 🙂


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