Street photographers chat on Twitter (#Streetchat)

Hi guys, I would like to invite you to participate in #Streetchat – an idea that my fellow streettog Chris came up with few days ago. Earlier today he posted an article with the explanation and details about this chat, I’ll leave it here for you.

The first session will happen this saturday April 2nd at 13pm GMT and I hope to be on board. If you’re passionate about street photography and photography in general, we would really love to hear from you. We will be using the hashtag #Streetchat and the first topic will be – Why do you take pictures of people on the street? 

Come along and join us in #Streetchat this saturday, connect with photogs from around the world and talk about your passion. See you there!




14 comments on “Street photographers chat on Twitter (#Streetchat)

    • its basicaly one of the ways to connect – in this case several photogs will be chatting online at the specific time and about specific topic (info in article), we’re just trying this out and see how it goes then later might set up video hangouts and do critiques and discuss photography. Another way for some people to learn and for some to give advice…

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