Monday Masters

Hi guys, first of all some updates on this weekend; as you may or may not know the last saturday we held our first #Streetchat (streettogs dicussion on photography) on Twitter. Chris and I didn’t really know what to expect or if anyone will show up. During the hour we were happy to be joined by some fellow photogs and talk about our passion. It was a great way to connect and also helpful for anyone who’s just picking up a camera and can’t wait to dive into the street photography world. Detailed report from the first session is on Chris’ blog, check it out

Monday Masters – is a new name for our weekly challenge. The rules, for now, will stay the same; one gets to nominate a photographer and we must choose One favourite image from that Master. While doing so, we may learn about photographers we haven’t heard of before, provide constructive explanation as to why we chose That image and share our views with others. Of course anyone can join us while using #Mondaymasters hashtag on Twitter or Facebook.

This Monday maria nominated Wolfgang Tillmans  ( a German fine-art photographer) – a new name to me, so I was really excited to look up this photographer on Google and search for my favourite image. I found this fascinating article on him, have a look…

Wofgang’s work is something that needs to be studied and properly evaluated, and surely can’t be done in few hours, so I’m going to pick One image that stuck with me;

©Wofgang Tillmans

I like the birds eye view here, interesting perspective and a weird pose ( not sure if it was staged or not ) but I wonder why is this man standing like this? is he trying to climb up? Why is he naked? Also, the colour and the texture in the photo combine well with the content. Pure, fragile human flesh by this stone wall and rust around him.

Thank you for reading, dont forget to check out Maria, Chris and Brook choices.




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