March picks

Hello dear friends,

I’d like to share a series of my favourite images taken in March 2016. Apart from it being the end of winter and huge waves of tourists already started to flood the city of Montpellier, March is a special month to me in various ways… 

Every march I used to celebrate my mom’s birthday… Its been 9 years since she passed. Now, on the same day we celebrate my oldest son’s birthday so its kind of bittersweet for me. ( sorry if its too personal but I felt I had to write it down..)


I wanted to make this series in colour as I tried cast Light and Colour as main actors and the city with people as supporting roles. Not sure if I succeeded, I would be happy to know what you think dear reader, good or bad – you’re always welcome to comment below.

city life-4
 he kept on turning around and looking at me
city life-15
an interesting woman i met in the old city, we chatted about art for 10 minutes
city life-24
i like the lines, drawn to them
city life-27
sunbeams awoke the local cafe
while waiting for tram to go to work



he was walking slowly towards me, i kept on shooting, took about 5 or 6 shots, stuck with this, liked the mysterious sillhouete


how can i afford?
Wanted to focus on the picture but no luck, the man moved a second later

All images Copyright by ©yurirasin

Thank you for stopping by and in case you missed my February picks, check em out!



9 comments on “March picks

  1. Lovely images Yuri , love the chairs with the shadows and the random angles the shadows cast ….

  2. hey Yuri ! sometimes we need these colors with the goal to show something different warmer and different ! i love the muted colors here and a little bit bluish-greenish feeling
    btw – my last post also was in colors – I had to keep them !

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