Monday Masters: Mark Cohen

The weekend is finished too soon… but on the upside it means we continue with our Monday Masters weekly post. This time I had to pick a photographer and my fellow photogs Chris, Maria and Brook will hopefully join me in choosing a favourite image from this American Master of street photography.

Mark Cohen is best known for his innovative close-up street photography style. He’s been shooting on the streets of his neighbourhood and around the town for most of his life and is a perfect example of creative limitation in SP. All of his work is done with a wide lens and a flash gun that he holds in his hand. Cohen’s work relies a lot on chance as he shoots without looking at the viewfinder in order to properly frame the image. Even though I don’t agree with this kind of method I find his work haunting, beautiful, captivating, surreal and inspirational.

Favourite photo:

©Mark Cohen

It may be one of the most recognisable pictures of Mark Cohen and amongst some truly amazing images I chose this photo. Its surreal, its in your face, its funny and mysterious, its a fleeting moment, a fraction of a second when the magic is captured for you to interpret as you wish and thats what street photography is all about.

If you want to learn more about Mark Cohen I advice you to jump to this Eric Kim’s article and check it out!

Thats it for now and roll on next Monday where another photography Master will be investigated, thank you for reading!


7 comments on “Monday Masters: Mark Cohen

  1. Great choice Yuri that’s a really good point about the timing of this image too. You can imagine that the very next second the bubble popped, the hand moved away and it was gone.

  2. and again – thank you for this info Yuri !
    i just wrote his name in Google and moved to the images tab.. what can i say.
    a few years ago everyone would have said that most of this is crap (i’m not a specialist or photography critic), but today this kind of mistaken or lucky moments, cropped parts of bodies in just fashion and mostly in color and very low tonal range. but this spectacular image chosen by you just fantastic 🙂 have a nice day and i’m going to check all your posts about the masters – i need some time 🙂

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