Go with the quote #12

Hi guys, I’ve been flicking through the book “Street Photography Now” recently which is pretty great and very affordable. It contains 46 contemporary street photographers including such legends like Bruce Gilden, Matt Stuart, Alex Webb etc. I’m not going to review this book, I’ll simply say – GET IT if you’re interested in photography at all. Anyway, I picked some stand out quotes from some photogs included in this gem of a book, check it out

Jens Olof Lasthein:

“The pictures I’m most satisfied with are those where its not possible to determine where and under what circumstances they were made. Because thats when the mind will start wandering, finding its own interpretation.”

Peter Funch:

“I’m not interested in being objective, I like playing with tools and playing with minds”

Matt Stuart:

“Buy a good pair of comfortable shoes, have a camera around your neck all the times, keep your elbows in, be patient, optimistic and don’t forget to smile”

Nick Turpin:

“For me pictures made in a shopping street or business district of a city reveal as much about our world as pictures made in places of international conflict or famine or environmental disaster… If our media are focused on celebrity, sex and sport, where can we look to be shown the state we are in?”

Hope these will help and motivate you whenever you feel you’re stuck with your photography or feeling uninspired. I would recommend checking out the photographers mentioned above if you haven’t already, go on Amazon and get that book!

Just a friendly reminder, for anyone who’s interested to discuss street photography, my friend Chris and I will be holding a video session on Blab next week where we will discuss What makes a good street photograph? come and join us. Also this saturday you can find us on Twitter at 13GMT with #Streetchat hashtag where we share our views and ideas and interact with other photogs around the world.

P.S. In the process of collecting some images for new series. I quite like this one

Thank you reading and till very soon!



5 comments on “Go with the quote #12

  1. Yuri, great stuff. I bought that book last year and it’s still on my night table. It’s fantastic–never boring to flip through. You nailed some great quotes there, some of which are relevant to a blog post I am planning for April 17 (stay tuned!). As for Streetchat, I hope I can participate this time around as I couldn’t because of work last time…. Cheers

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