#Streetchat 2 “What is a good street photograph?”

Hi there, Streetchat is back!

As my friend Chris couldn’t make this time, I was delighted to be joined by few friends photogs on Twitter this weekend. By using the hashtag #streetchat we connected this saturday afternoon and talked about photography and about What makes a good street photograph.

We started the conversation with “Do you follow the rules or shoot with your heart?”

Jeremie Gisserot: “To break the rules we have to know them by heart. But for me a good photo isn’t always technically perfect…Even if your photo isn’t razor sharp or perfectly exposed, if you take an amazing moment… when I have the time to compose I prepare myself to take a perfect shot. But we don’t always have that luxury on the streets :)” 

David Barret then added: “The element of surprise is what hooks me,Social comment & the togs personality showing through”

We continued with some factors that we believe a good street photo is made of:

Jeremie said that a good street photo should include emotion, no clutter, irony

For me, a good street photograph has to include something that will catch my eye (something mysterious) as what you leave out of the frame is just as important as what you include. Linking this to another point of having a clean background and as less clutter as possible. So thats why, I think we should use what we CAN control like placement, being patient and being ready to capture that moment. I will also add that using the light in the right way can have an exceptional impact on your final image.

Later in the day Maria joined us and we also agreed that a good street photograph does not have to include people in it. Jeremie prefers including people in images but sometimes street speaks for itself.

It was great to catch up with fellow streettogs for our second #streetchat on Twitter. By the way, if you’re reading this and have learnt a few things or would like to share your opinions on SP, join us on Twitter with hashtag #Streetchat to discuss different topics and share experiences or learn some more!

P.S. Jeremie suggested a photography challenge. More info to come during the week!

Thank you for stopping by and till very soon, stay creative and open minded!







9 comments on “#Streetchat 2 “What is a good street photograph?”

  1. I was looking up a definition of street recently and it mentioned “the human presence” I guess that doesn’t require a person being in the image at all because it could be what they left that shows a human was here. This is a great roundup and I’m sorry I had to miss it.

    • Thanks Chris and yes we missed your voice yesterday. I guess because Street Photography is such a democratic concept that it could be whatever you want it to be

  2. It was a shame I couldn’t participate… but it’s great reading about the follow-up here. Everyone’s comments are interesting. And a photo challenge sounds like a good idea. It’d be nice seeing entries from all over the world… Cheers.

      • It is a question…I good photo or bad photo…good photo is one that works and bad photo is one that doesn’t. We don’t have to name it “street”.

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