Monday Masters: Tony Ray Jones

Today we look into Tony Ray Jones photographic work.

I’ve heard about this English photographer before but never really had a chance to properly look at his work. Now its perfect time to do it as David Barrett has joined our weekly Monday masters challenge and nominated Jones. The mission – pick a favourite image!


Ray Jones is be best known for his Black & White images of English life in late 60’s. He dedicated himself to document the “English” way of life before it became too Americanized, which some saw as a concern in the face of social changes sweeping the country. This article about his project “Day Off” is worth reading

However, while discovering his earlier colour work, I was drawn to his images more (maybe because I tend to shoot colour more lately).

Without a darkroom to develop their own black-and-white film, the use of colour meant they could shoot and drop the film off at a laboratory that would turn around the prints quickly.  (excerpt from BBC article)


I picked this image first of all because it made me feel nostalgic about my childhood. There’s a sense of innocence, discovery, mystery about it. Like someone is spying behind the trees (or looking back in time). I love the subtle colours and the light in the image.

What is your favourite photograph from Tony Ray Jones? If you want to take part in #MondayMasters, write a comment or tweet your choice by using the mentioned hashtag. Don’t forget to check out Chris, David, Maria’s picks!

Tony Ray Jones – Articles to read:

Thanks for reading friends and till very soon!

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