#Streetchat video hang out 2

Yesterday I met with Chris and Jeremie on Blab ( live conversation platform ) where we held our second #streetchat meet up. The topic was quite controversial – “What makes a good street photograph.” I know I’ve already written about it in previous post but there are a few things I would like to add

First of all here is the video of this chat:


If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, here’s the summary: we talked about how each of us approach the scene, what and who we like to shoot and how we do it ( up close/being invisible/interact with strangers etc.)

We also shared our views on what we consider is a good street photograph. Chris and Jeremie shared some excellent tips and technics. Thing is, since chatting with my friends, I couldn’t stop thinking about lots of great photos that don’t follow those “good street photos” parameters.

So I just wanted to clarify that, it is a must to study the Masters of Photography and know the rules but once you feel that you do know how to make a good image – I think you just need to put it at the back of your head and follow your heart. If you see something interesting happening in front of you (or about to happen) you then can apply any rules you want or none at all as its all about the final image. If it moves you, if it makes you feel something, if it as – its worth keeping.

Please bare in mind that its only my opinion and it may change later as I myself keep learning new things on weekly basis and almost every time I go for a photo walk but I thought I just needed to clarify that issue.

I would like to finish off with Pavel’s comment to my previous post:

What is a bad street photograph?  So maybe by eliminating the things that makes it bad to you – you’ll get a good one. Or maybe there is no such thing as good or bad but there is YOUR photo.




5 comments on “#Streetchat video hang out 2

  1. I think you’ve made a good point about studying the Masters… I sense a lot of people who start doing street photography will they say they started because they were first inspired by them. It’s hard for me to imagine someone doing it in a vacuum. But the point is well underlined by Eric Kim in his mantra “Buy books, not gear”… I was thinking for a long time about your question “what makes a good street photograph?” and felt I should not say much because I am not qualified. While I have the guts, some instinct and huge appreciation for SP I definitely do not have the historical or theoretical knowledge, nor the experience or name to suggest my opinion would count–besides, there is so much variation out there and such subjectivity, too. If I venture to say anything it is this: beyond being truthful and candid, a good street photograph is humanistic in principle. It differs from a snapshot in that it goes beyond the personal or idiosyncratic and encompasses something universal and empathetic, however trivial or however banal. I’ll add that, personally, what I like to see in a street photograph is, in addition to something humanistic, a mark of composition, framing, and purpose by the photographer that goes beyond just a serendipitous fraction of a second caught on film. It’s why I never tire of Cartier-Bresson: so many of his pictures are great compositions to learn from. That’s my two cents. Cheers. Looking forward to more discussion.

    • Thats an excellent opinion to add. Thank you Angel for sharing your views. You’re welcome to contribute as much as you like. I’ve been shooting street for only about 3,4 years so its nothing really, so i’m still learning as I go. By connecting with bloggers like yourself and Chris, Jeremie, David and many others it makes it fascinating to learn to learn from one another and share the views on our common passion. Cheers!

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