#Streetchat video hangout 3: What is your approach?

Hi guys,

What is your approach in street photography? – Hunting for images? Fishing those decisive moments? Do you interact with subjects, trying to blend in or trying to be invisible? Everyone has their way or looking on how to start. Until we get streettogs with more years of experience to join us, Chris and I share our views and opinions on this subject 🙂 check it out

Apologise in advance for technical issues on my side, will try to sort it out for next hangouts.

If you would like to join us, please don’t hesitate to give us a shout on Twitter or find us on Facebook. Lets connect and share our love and passion for photography!

Click here if you missed our previous chats.

Thank you for stopping by and till very soon!


4 comments on “#Streetchat video hangout 3: What is your approach?

  1. It’s timely that you start discussing how street photography is rather broad in scope, that there are different approaches and the very term is an issue with some photographers. That’s because I’ve been trying to nail the term for quite some time but have recently decided to not bother any more; it makes me wish some nomenclature had been established (or could be established) because this fuzziness causes confusion and some better direction would be so helpful. Yet, such is creativity and the instinct to systemize our world–but best leave it all to knowledgeable art theorists, and then read up on them, no? Anyway, what’s more important, as I read recently on Eric Kim’s blog, is to find whether your pictures are meaningful. And to find meaning one needs to practice and practice more… Do you guys have some actual photos you’d like to share and explain (on this video series, I mean)? This could be very interesting (whether your own or someone else’s)… How about books? What photo books do you have that are interesting/influential? … I like your discussion on “going with the flow” and observing; I think that’s a great approach as the images will indeed come to you when you are keenly observant and immersed in the environs… As for motivation and social media, I think we need to distance ourselves from the current practice of living off of “likes” (although it’s quite hard in this age and society). It’s distracting. Shoot for oneself and our peers (I am currently disengaging myself from Facebook!)… Btw, thanks a lot for bringing up Vivian Meier, I had never heard of her until you guys brought it up on Monday Masters. Also, thanks again for mentioning me in the last chat you guys did. That was too kind! … I did enjoy going to Oliver Krume’s site, but couldn’t manage to get to Marius’… I’ll really try to get on the next sreetchat; I do hope I am available at 22:00 in my part of the world. Cheers and thanks for this, guys, it was interesting listening in.

    • Hi Angel. I’d like to thank you for taking your time to write such a constructive and coherent comment! I enjoy reading your posts as your writing is simply great and much much better than mine 🙂
      I feel the same about the term “street photography” , Eric Kim mentioned earlier, why don’t we just call it “Social photography” or “personal photography” or yet better – just photography but people like to label things…
      Also thank you for suggestions about showing our pictures and explaining what they meant to us – thats something i’d personally like to include, now need to check how its done within the video chat but its a very good point.

      I’m glad you found Vivian Maier as she’s probably the best photographer no one ever knew.. You’re more than welcome to join us in Monday Masters and video chat(you dont have to actually appear on screen, can use just audio) at any time and thanks again for your support and great tips!

      • You’re very welcome. You guys worked hard and your passion is evident. Cheers to Chris, too. Your writing is fine, don’t worry about it. It’s amazing you’re doing so well in your L2… I’ll try to get onto FB more often to keep up with you guys. Looking forward to more. Cheers

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