April Picks

April is already behind us. I have to say it’s been a quite productive month for me. I increased my shooting hours per week. For that I have French people to thank who took on streets on numerous occasions in protests against the new labour Law. Therefore I went out shooting with a photo essay in mind. Apart from that, we’ve had some good weather and I found more motivation to get out and collect memories… 

Also I must mention that in April I met some inspirational and enthusiastic people online, we all enjoy exchanging our views on photography on a daily basis. We have also set up a Facebook page “Streettogs” and started live video hangouts on Blab discussing street photography and everything around it. In the beginning of the week we’d choose a challenge and upload the results on FB page by Sunday. If you’d like to join us – you’re more than welcome, we welcome photographers of any level. The goal is to learn from one another and pass on what you’ve learnt 🙂

Sorry for swaying off topic here, here’s my April picks ( protest essay shots not included, will be posted later as series )

Shot with Canon 650D, 24mm lens, shooting mode P.

Technique: Go with the flow ( no fishing or hunting, just being aware and observing fragments of life )















april end-13

©yurirasin 2016

Thank you for checking this out and till very soon!


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