April On Fire

 “El Khomri Law” – The proposed law aimed at reducing unemployment by making France’s labour market more flexible, allowing companies to lay off workers more easily. The law would additionally loosen restrictions on working hours, including reducing overtime payments for hours worked beyond France’s statutory 35-hour workweek. It would also reduce severance payments that workers are entitled to if their company has made them redundant.

The law was introduced in March with little notice. In April people took on the streets in protest.

This photo essay is my subjective view on the events of April 2016

Photos by ©yurirasin 2016 All rights reserved

protest 28-4-2


protest 28-4-3


protest 28-4-5


protest 28-4-7


protests centre-28


protest 28-4-4




protests centre-6


protest 28-4-6


protests centre-2








protests centre-5


protests centre-10


protests centre-12


protests centre-16


protests centre-22


protests centre-18





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7 comments on “April On Fire

  1. Great Stuff Yuri, Undermining employment security is a growing trend in Europe, it effects those who are already vulnerable due to poor employment terms ans conditions.

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