Go with the quote #16

I got into podcasts recently. It’s just another way of learning and receiving information. A few podcasts about creativity, motivation, productivity and of course street photography caught my attention. I would like to share these valuable sources with you, dear reader. 



Everyone learns at their own pace, so if you have some spare time between your daily tasks or if you have a long commute to do – fill this time with some important and inspiring information. I’m not saying that everything thats been said in podcasts is absolutely essential, you just need to filter wisely and choose whatever you think will work for YOU. Normally I’d take a couple of good suggestions from each podcast, plus it’s good to mix it up and just listen to other people’s experiences in different situations.

Below are some quotes form people who appeared on podcasts and the links to those podcasts.


Ed Catmull: ( on Accidental Creative podcast )

“Failure isn’t a necessary evil. In fact, it isn’t evil at all. It is a necessary consequence of doing something new.”

Todd Henry ( on Accidental Creative podcast )

“We need to fall in love with the process, not just the end product of our work.”

Srinivas Rao ( Unmistakeable creative podcast )

“Worrying about what other people think is a jail of our own creation, and the irony of it is those people are in the same jail with us.”

Peter Turnley ( on StreetFocus podcast )

I continue to hope and believe that the best stories and photographs are yet to occur. My quest for them will certainly require that I keep my head up and my eyes and heart open as I walk down the street.

I hope you find something useful here, time is too precious, let’s keep our eyes and minds open!

P.S. a quick reminder about the weekly challenge – shoot a roll of film in a day ( or 36 frames for digital users )and post your best shot(s) to our facebook page

Thanks for reading and till very soon


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