Monday Masters : George Georgiou

Today in our weekly Monday Masters post, we explore the work of George Georgiou.

Georgiou is a British photographer and photojournalist who has photographed extensively in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey for the last decade, living and working in Serbia, Greece and for nearly five years in Istanbul. His work has focused on transition and identity and how people negotiate the space they find themselves in. For a brief information about his biggest projects click here.

While going through Georgiou’s projects on his official website I was amazed at the effort that was put into each of them. He is not just a photographer, he is a story teller who prefers working on series of images, bodies of work that tell some kind of a story from his unique point of view and it’s something I admire greatly.

His earlier Black & White work I would compare to such legends as Robert Frank and Josef Koudelka who are known for large scale photo projects that lasted years and required tons of research, a lot of hard work and dedication.

His latter work in colour, in my opinion, allows us to look at the photographs with more depth and an incredible sense of reality. The melancholic atmosphere, subtle colours and attention to detail is what draws me into his images. I also loved the Turkish urban landscape series of photos as you really get the sense of place as well as carefully composed shots. I would absolutely recommend checking out his website as it’s a true source of inspiration.

Favourite photo:

Children rehearse for Youth day, Mardin, Turkey.

Taken from the project “Fault Lines: Turkey/East/West”. I must admit, it is getting more and more difficult to pick just ONE image. Maybe we should also pick a favourite photo project from the nominated Master? ( open suggestion to other members ) 🙂

I get mixed emotions, looking at the image above. You could actually scroll up or down and divide it horizontally in two. Top half is beautifully sad with the grey colour faded hills, overcast clouds and the metal fence stretching all along the image. At the bottom half however things look more positive as we see many children/youngsters in colourful clothes rehearsing a play ( as the caption reveals ).

I think it is a strong single image as well as part of the long term project about modernisation and struggle between democracy and repression and how people cope with the changes. Considering the difficult situation in Turkey, the viewer is really left to decide wether the country’s future is bright or not.

Additional articles on George Georgiou:

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Till next time!


5 comments on “Monday Masters : George Georgiou

  1. Interesting Pick Yuri, I wonder what the kids are doing/about to do? They all seemed spaced so evenly. It reminds me a little be of the outdoor exercise routines you see images of in China or back in Nazi Germany! (Not that I’m comparing Turkey to those countries) I find the pinks in this image pretty interesting.

  2. just found this blog. Very interesting. This photo has a little bit of a surreal feeling to it-almost as if the children are placed in front of a big back drop/Green screen of the hills.

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