“2 km” photo series

This post is a part of my visual diary. The title of the series refers to the distance from the Tram stop to my place of work. 

From the tram stop “Etang de l’or” ( Golden Lake ) to Carnon where I work it takes roughly 6, 7 minutes by bicycle. That’s how I go there.

Now, I have my camera with me at all times when I go to and from work but I never actually made a proper use of it. So a few months ago I decided to have my camera around my neck even when I cycle.

Documenting this beautiful stretch of 2 km was fun, challenging and enjoyable. The following collection of images was born.



waiting for boat


boats & road


mtp by foot-4






mtp by foot-9


got the fish




golden wind


red liberty


tricolor stop

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4 comments on ““2 km” photo series

  1. You have a very nice ride every day on your commute as I see how and what you had documented. I am going by car every day, but I have been planing to take a train some day and document my way to work and back….

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